Difference Makers

By Arturo MolinaDirector of Pastoral & Community Ministry The families in the San Quintin Valley live in a poverty in which they have grown accustomed to over many generations. They are born into a home with very little, and when they reach childhood many of them go to work in the field with their parents, […]


By Rob & Brenda Wall This is who we are… We all have all touched His Cloak at some point in our lives. This is also our hope in the message of Zachariah 3:4  You don’t think you are worthy of serving, but neither is anyone on this team. I remember the first time Brenda […]

More Threads in the Tapestry

It was the 90’s and, “We were young. None of us knew quite what to say, but the feeling moved among us in silence anyway. Slowly we made Quite a change. Somewhere we had crossed a big line. Down on our knees, we had tasted Holy Wine, and no one could sway us in a […]

What is Calling?

Ministry is an interesting thing and many who read this will understand. Job 37:5-6 speaks to this because it’s not up to us. He allows us free will, but still maneuverers our lives to best suit the interests of the many. I really appreciate that about our Lord. He protects us yet gives us a […]

Tell Your Story

By Janaya Hirsch Five years ago, I was sitting on a rickety church pew at a Thursday night youth gathering, when my youth Pastor flip to a slide promoting our church’s “2013 Mexico Missions Trip” with One Life. A spark ignited in my soul that night which hasn’t gone out since. Ministry isn’t a moment […]

Where the Streets Have No Name

By Rob Wall It’s 3:00am, and I can’t sleep. It’s probably because I’m getting older…yet, I’m getting older! I’m not sleeping, because the Lord continues to place on my heart hard things. The people of Mexico, this ministry, and our staff consume my thoughts. They sit on the front lines of darkness and still find […]

Springtime in San Quintin

By Heather Molina Our spring season has come and gone, and though we had no groups this year, there was certainly no lack of activity! We spent our spring working on the House of Refuge process, planning for summer groups & ministry, and executing our two biggest activities this month – Project Unity, and our […]

The Time is Now

By Grant W. Saip Executive Director Although it seems like we’ve just headed into the new year, at OLOCM we are busy scheduling and planning details for a full summer season of team activity. It will be upon us before we know it. And, we can’t wait to host you and your team! We believe […]

No Other Way

It has been so humbling to witness how the Lord is moving in the San Quintin Valley. The stories and emails of lives changed continue to come in…and it’s not always through our organization, but through the Pastors who have become our friends and partners. We assist, but they always do the heavy lifting. This […]


” God does not call the qualified, but qualifies the called.” (Walter Bright) Who does God call to be a missionary? Many people are led to believe before a person goes to serve in missions, they need to have all their finances and a secure retirement package in place, and also need endless hours of […]