What’s Next?

Tonight I am using technology I could never have dreamed of even a few years ago. I am at the top of Chilliwack’s Elk Mountain, in a tent, using my cell phone as a personal Wifi spot for the internet…who would have ever thought?! I am up here for the “blue moon.” The next one […]


It’s been an amazing summer and there are so many I want to thank…but this was truly a God summer and I want to give Him all the praise for that! The Lord provided so many opportunities and occasions to see His work…I could fill a thousand blogs. Over the next few weeks I will […]

It’s Summer

I know this by the challenges and the way things continue to be difficult. Shouldn’t have expected otherwise! Shared with Pastor Basilio yesterday (a friend and Pastor to the community surrounding San Quintin) everything this year comes at a cost and is hard. This last week, six of us gave up 4 days. We worked […]

Jesus Rose From The Dead

Not much else to say. We serve a God that died and was raised from the dead three days later. I put everything I am and who I want to be on the man that paid a complete price for the things that I could never erace (2 Corinthians 5:13-15). I gained another birthday this […]


A couple of weeks ago, I scribbled down a verse and later thought it was insignificant. i went so far as to throw it out. …All last week I struggled to remember what it was! In the last seven days, a church from Chilliwack, BC blessed another family with a home. It was amazing as […]

Spoke This Into Motion

It’s been over a month since my last blog and I apologize to those who are following this. Thanks to those who push me to get back to my writing and keep me accountable. The Lord is moving in powerful ways and I…frankly, can’t keep up. Your prayers keep things sane and we are so […]

Ninety Nine

Tonight my daughter, Dakota, drove to young adults. I had her text me when she arrived and do the same when she left. Getting her text that she was coming home, I opened the garage door and turned on all the lights so she would have a straight shot into the garage. While I waited, […]

March 2012

Preparing for home is at the best of times difficult. I always feel that there are so many opportunities and doors unopened. With so many relationships…with so many Pastors in the area….I never feel like there is any closure. The need is so great here and I always leave with an anxious soul. What a […]

With a Door Wide Open

Praise the Lord!! Los Olivos is paid for! It has been a difficult few weeks as I have tried to keep it quiet but, the Lord has provided funds to make a lot of prayer come to fruition…we are debt free! We can now move forward with our plan to support the local community through […]

Fall 2011

It has been a really short trip but, God continues to reveal to us how amazing He is. This time with Dwayne and Randy has been quite revealing. At every turn new opportunities present themselves and we are given further insight into God’s leading. The day started with lots of discussion around breakfast and a […]