Children’s Day

A Day of Fun for All Kids

We invite you to join us in celebrating the precious children of the San Quintin Valley by donating to our Children’s Day Festival project. Funds raised will be used to plan a fun children’s festival for kids at Los Olivos on the last Saturday of April 2021 (circumstances permitting).

Our vision is to honour the children and demonstrate that they are ‘seen’ by providing a fun day for them with delicious food and treats, exciting bouncy castles, and engaging activities. We’d also like to send each child home with a small gift.

Our goal is to raise $2500 to fund the festival costs. Your support would turn into a tangible and meaningful day for the children of San Quintin – we get excited just thinking about their joy!

Donate today and be part of this life-giving event for these precious kids!

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Children’s Day


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