Building Community

One Life One Chance is an amazing organization! Even through the short time I was able to be in Mexico

this past March, helping in the kitchen around the base, I could feel that I was being included in

something huge. This ministry is changing lives faster than any of us probably realize. They work with

the community, through the community, for the community. It is clear to any observer that One Life is

being so intentional and sensitive in the ways they work. Everything is done through the local pastors

and real connections and friendships are being made and maintained.

Groups that come from Canada to be part of house builds and other ministry work are transformed in

six days! I experienced this as participant in two house builds last year, and I saw it again from a

different perspective this past spring break as a volunteer. My brief experience at Los Olivos was really

encouraging. The close-knit environment, intentional staff devotional time and worship, kept the focus

on God and brought peace to days that were often full.

One of the more impacting moments for myself during my two-week stay was the opportunity to visit a

family who had received a home the previous year. I went with the Selle family (also volunteers this

spring), who had, to my good fortune temporarily adopted me for the two weeks. The visit was full of

laughter and remembering, as the Selle’s had been part of the build the year before, and as they talked

and pointed out faces in the photo album they had brought, I was really struck by the beauty of it all. In

no time we were all huddled around the kitchen table drinking coffee by candle light. This was true

hospitality. God is using One Life in amazing ways and I am very glad I could be a part of it.

Ashley Scott

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