Our Story

One Life is a non-denominational faith-based organization that seeks to unify, equip, and support local pastors and leaders in bringing dignity and hope to the forgotten people within Baja California, Mexico through a variety of holistic support services and community resources.

One Life



Our Beginnings

Rob & Brenda Wall

Most foreign aid to the Baja peninsula doesn’t reach the San Quintin Valley, creating a ‘forgotten zone’ that extends south to La Paz. In the early 1990’s, Rob and Brenda Wall founded Stoney Creek Expeditions, an outdoor adventure and missions facilitation company that was actively managing trips to the Baja. While reaching and helping many in this way, Rob and Brenda felt God calling them to go beyond what they were doing.

In 2007 the dream to reach this area and support the existing work of local indigenous organizations was born. In 2009 the Los Olivos campground was purchased, strategically planting One Life in the San Quintin Valley. The campground serves as the Mexican headquarters for One Life, while also operating as a recreational park, and a gathering place for the surrounding community.


One Life believes in establishing long-term, interdenominational relationships with the local community and its leaders.

One Life continues to serve the people of the San Quintin Valley by building long-term trust, encouraging and supporting children’s education, supporting and mentoring local leaders, facilitating healthy opportunities for community fellowship and unity, and helping meet basic human needs such as housing, food, and hygiene, as well as emotional and spiritual support.


Mexico Team (San Quintin)

Manuel began serving with One Life in 2018. As Executive Director of the organization in Mexico, he provides leadership to the ministry and Los Olivos park staff teams. He manages the everyday affairs of the ministry and is a key connection point between our Mexican and Canadian staff. Manuel is married to Anarely and they have three children: Saith, Christopher, and Nicole.

Manuel de Jesus Morales
Executive Director, Mexico

Arturo and Heather were both individually connected to One Life in different ways. Heather came on as an assistant in Canada in 2012 and Arturo as an assistant in Mexico in 2013. Both grew in their love for this work and each other, and in 2015 they were married and began to work together full time in Mexico. After being a part of the developmental phase of many areas of programs and outreach, Arturo and Heather stepped into the position of Directors of Pastoral & Community Ministry. They work together to develop programs, build relationships, create connections and find opportunities to broaden the reach of the organization. They have three children: Iker, Titan, and Luna.

Arturo & Heather Molina
Directors of Pastoral & Community Ministry

The Vasquez family resides at Los Olivos and are the “glue” that connects the work of One Life with the surrounding indigenous community and pastors, while maintaining the park and headquarters, and pulling things together for visiting teams.

Isaias & Ana Vasquez
Facility Managers

Maria is one of everyone’s favorites with her generous personality and delicious food. She takes care of the cooking and ensures that everyone is always well fed.

María de la Luz Caro Escamilla

David first became involved with One Life as a local volunteer a few years ago. It is through One Life that David found his passion and joy for helping others. David has witnessed firsthand the positive changes in communities of San Quintin through the work of One Life, and how God is working in both the people being ministered to, as well as staff members and visiting groups.

David Ornelas de la Rosa
Administrative Assistant
Canada Team (Chilliwack)

Not only does Trish look after the daily details of the One Life office in Canada, Trish enjoys working with local companies, churches, organizations and individuals who partner in the work of One Life in Mexico. Trish has been involved with One Life in various capacities since 2010 when a trip to San Quintin with a serving team changed the trajectory of her entire family.

Trish Wiens
Operations Manager, Canada

When Coralie joined the One Life Canada team she knew the Lord provided her with this job to be both a blessing and be blessed by the ministry. Coralie also enjoys spending time with God, singing, cooking, going for walks and hikes, travel, and watching detective shows.

Coralie Dowedoff
Administrative Assistant

Karen has over 20 years bookkeeping experience and is very pleased to be working at One Life Ministries. It has always been her desire to serve the Lord with the gifts He has given. Karen enjoys reading and has recently taken up gardening as a hobby.

Karen Bruneski
Finance Assistant

One Life has had a huge impact on Dakota’s life with many family members involved with the organization – she even met her husband through OL! Dakota has volunteered with OL from a young age and and has seen the amazing growth of the church community in the San Quintin Valley over the last 15 years. Dakota currently serves on the Canadian team as our Mulit-Media Producer.

Dakota Vugteveen
Multi-media Producer

Stoney Creek Expeditions serves as the trip facilitator for most of One Life’s volunteer teams. Amanda is all about the details of your team's trip preparation and care!

Amanda Rahn
Administrative Assistant, Stoney Creek Expeditions

of Directors

Rob Wall
One LIfe Co-founder, President

Brenda Wall
One Life Co-founder, Director of Finance

Randy Stark

Chris Climie

John Frede

Phil Hills

Tony Rahnborn