His Provision Continues

The story of One Life One Chance Ministries started 23 years ago with a simple trip to Baja California. It was born in the discovery every person has ever experienced on a missions trip…a new worldview. For us, it was a progression of things, but I will never forget a sign that led to a ministry site, that said, “you will never be the same once you pass through this door.” It was true.

We learned so much about indigenous support during those early years. Especially around how to be a help rather than a hindrance.

So, in 2006 Brenda and I were unsettled with how to continue the ministry we were engaged in, and that’s when we invited a group of our peers to join us in forming a charity; a Board of Directors and friends that would bring continuing care to short-term missions. It happened on our back deck, of all places, and was an appeal for accountability and support as this work moved forward. In that, One Life One Chance Ministries was born.

Many of you know that story, and since 2006 this work has been moving at nothing short of a full-out run. We often can’t keep up to the pace the Lord has exposed us to. Which means this ministry is growing! PTL! Yet, as the needs continue to push this work forward, He continues to expand the One Life Team.

May we present Darcy and Ruth Ross!

What a blessing to have Darcy on staff as our new Executive Director. This will release Brenda and I to dream again and work on the big picture items for the ministry. Darcy has over two decades of leadership in business, church and nonprofit sectors. He and his wife, Ruth, have participated in ministry world-wide and have a passion to see people know Jesus Christ.

Brenda and I look forward to working with Darcy as he transitions into the role of the ministry’s next Executive Director. This is a significant answer to prayer. May the Lord bless Darcy and Ruth as they approach this work together.

Our Lord is moving!

Rob & Brenda Wall

Rob & Brenda Wall
Darcy & Ruth Ross
Darcy & Ruth Ross


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