It’s Summer

I know this by the challenges and the way things continue to be difficult. Shouldn’t have expected otherwise! Shared with Pastor Basilio yesterday (a friend and Pastor to the community surrounding San Quintin) everything this year comes at a cost and is hard. This last week, six of us gave up 4 days. We worked through a fire on the bus, a total meltdown of my computer, and 40 degree heat. It was interesting!

…Yet, the Lord is sovereign and has a plan!

As challenging as it seems, God continues to bless this ministry through opportunity to gain relationships with the indigenous church and meet the needs of the poor & broken. With purpose and direction OL is overwhelmed by need and purpose. Conversing with a board member a couple of days ago, the donated bus means 84 people are able to travel in it…it’s use will allow many to hear the Gospel for the first time & bring countless believers to church. Multiply that just once a week over a year and you have over 4300 hundred people connected to ministry & impacted by this donation!

…In the scope of eternity, six of us gave up comfort for 4 days!

Pastor Basilo reminded me of 2 Chronicles 16:9a yesterday and made me think again…I have one life & I don’t want to waste it on me. With such a short window, small things make a difference when we multiply the odds.

This summer, a couple hundred people will travel from Canada and the USA to serve…however, thousands will be impacted by the legacy they leave.


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