We believe in what we do at One Life and we think you will too!

At One Life we are passionate about helping to bring dignity and unity for the under-served people in the San Quintin Valley of Baja California, Mexico, and we’d love to share that passion with you! You can be a life-giving part of this work! We all have something to contribute to those in need. Whether it’s time and skills, financial resources, networking or donations of much needed supplies, your partnership can make a true and lasting difference in the lives of men, women and children in San Quintin.

We’ve created a variety of corporate partnership opportunities so that you can find the perfect fit for your team.


We often host teams in the San Quintin Valley that join ours to spearhead a project for our friends in need. We are passionate about this type of hands-on work and the effect it has on groups that come down to execute a project together.

"The team-building was definitely one of the highlights. Being together, sharing meals together, working long days together, for a common goal, to love that community, to love those people. It was a great experience. Will we do it again? Yes!"
Adam Woods
Owner, Tundra Developments Inc.
Interested in joining our team?

As a business leader, we know you understand the need for strong and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our efforts to provide stability, safety and hope to families in great need won’t reach its maximum effectiveness without the support of the entire community. We need you and we know from our other corporate relationships that your organization will benefit greatly from the relationship as well.

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Partnering with One Life is a Win for both your business and Us.

By aligning your business with One Life, you will:
By One Life partnering with you, we will:

Help us support community leaders in the San Quintin Valley, Mexico through education, humanitarian support and training programs to see true and lasting change happens. And it starts with us! We can come together and help each other. 


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