Share the Warmth

By Heather Molina

When you think of Mexico, what typically comes to mind is something like palm trees, sun, and nice ocean waves, right? A lot of people are surprised that a cold-weather campaign would even need to exist – but during these winter months, the cold is very cold! Here in San Quintin, the weather during the winter months can stay between 10-20 degrees on a typical day, but at night it drops down to 7 or 8, and sometimes even 4 or 5 degrees. Now some may think, “Ten degrees, that’s not cold! It was minus 10 here the other day!” But this is a different world.

These homes don’t have heating systems or even insulation. Sometimes they don’t even have a floor. Sometimes these homes are made of nothing more than plastic, potato sacks, and cardboard wrapped around some wood posts. Families huddle together in the one bed they have for both parents and kids, crowding together not only because there’s no space but also because they need each other’s warmth to make it through the night. The wind whips the tarps they have as a roof, sneaks in through the spaces in the corners. The dirt turns to mud as the rain inevitably enters and washes out their dirt floor. These kinds of circumstances are honestly unfathomable – but it’s a reality.

This is when a blanket, a warm knit scarf and, mittens, or some fleece pajamas become a priceless gift! Thank you so much to all who gave to our Cold Weather Campaign. A special thank you to those who took the time and effort to make so many beautiful knit scarves and mittens! Over 100 families were blessed with your generous gifts in this winter season.

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