Something New… Something Old

From the perspective of a founding member, I am continually amazed at how the Lord directs with a new path and purpose. He truly goes before us and completes the vision of others.

In the past decade, the property we currently occupy was built by a couple that wanted so much more for this land. When they sold, they said the same. Today, not only do we continue to have a good relationship with them, but we are blessed by a legacy of connections and infrastructure they left behind. For some time the Board floated the concept of bare land and what it would take to move forward.

…Given, it wouldn’t have worked with the expedited plans the Lord had!

The previous owners of Los Olivos not only started this …but gave us the ability to start running! Had we moved forward with bare land, this conversation would be very different.

A few nights ago I heard a quote from someone that really stuck with me:

“I don’t pray for what I want for me, but what God wants me to do for Him.”

Many indigenous Pastors have a passion for this land and their people. Más y más I see how they labor through the day so they can serve at night just so they can love on their neighborhood…maybe provide a little hope and some comfort.

…we (I) really have a lot to learn from this culture and it breaks me

Progressively, our culture thinks we know best…yet, from what I have observed the best work is left up to the culture that embraces our Lord and runs with it. We can only do better by coming alongside and working together.

March has brought with it many blessings and lots of rain in the last few days! Most of which can be read on the staff blogs. Thank-you again to those who have come to serve and given so much for those who have much less. We are indebted to the men and women who do so. Your families have been such a blessing and there are no words!

PTL, the Prayer room received full lighting yesterday! The pot lights that were installed paved the way for the next Pastor’s meeting in the new building. If we complete the new stairs before that, it will secure the meeting on April 1st and provide continued care for the Pastoral children and families from any construction danger.

Again, the Board of One Life and I am humbled by all those who build into this work. Thank-you to all who give and take this on daily! Your prayers are being answered!

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Psalm 27:13-14

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