The Unopened Gift – Tim Rivers

On a Sunday night this past November I had the privilege of attending a church service in the extremely poor community of San Francisco, in the San Quintin Valley, Mexico. I must admit I questioned my judgement in being the only gringo in a Spanish service with no interpreter. Had I not gone to that service, I would not have received the gift God had waiting for me.

As we worshipped together I was really touched by how amazing it was to praise God together in a building that my friends had build just a few months earlier. At one point the children (over 20 of them) were invited to the front so the congregation could sing over them. As I rejoiced over how many kids were there, and that they had someplace to go to learn about how good God is, I couldn’t help but think back to the first house we build in that village just three years ago, and what a dark community it was back then. Three short years ago this community was very tangibly against God and anything to do with His church. Through the efforts of those willing to be His hands and feet, God is truly doing a transformative work in San Francisco. After the children, the women of the church were invited to the front to be sung over, and I was so humbled and grateful to see three women in that group that I had been allowed to help build a house for. I imagine there were other women in that group who had been likewise blessed by the obedience of other teams as well. Such an amazing evening to witness and be a part of.

We have no idea how God multiplies our small sacrifice after we have gone home. So if God and the beautiful people of Mexico are tugging at your heart to return to Mexico, or to go for the first time, listen to Him. I know He has a gift waiting for you.

Tim Rivers – Member of the Board of Directors 

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