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How has the summer passed so quickly? We hope you have had time for rest and refreshment between the challenges these months have brought for so many. We have missed serving with you in person in San Quintin during this season, but are so grateful for your prayers and partnership.

Our team continues to share encouragement and hope in San Quintin! Here are a few of the things we’re grateful to have been a part of recently.

Unity Project #2 – bringing pastors together to build a home 
Community Meals – 15 meals with 9 churches serving 2500+ people
Family Visits – delivering groceries and connecting with pastors and previous build families
More Than a Roof – Our goal of raising funds for 10 homes has been surpassed! We hope to be able to build 12 homes before December. Home #10 will be built the week of September 20th
Pastors – an evening of enrichment earlier this month just for female pastors, and pastor’s wives

Pastors serving during the Unity Project

Community Meals
Pastor Ricardo’s church has had great participation from his congregation during these meals. There are volunteers to cover everything that needs to be done, and more to welcome people and talk as they wait, or giving out tracts and inviting them to church. We are impressed with the way the volunteers work together. They are reaching their own community through these events, and that is a huge blessing!

Kids enjoying a refreshing drink thanks to Pastor Ricardo’s church family

Women’s Evening
Pastora Rosa had on her heart to organize an event specifically for female pastors and pastor’s wives. This was a time of refreshing for these women who serve so wholeheartedly. They served a meal, worshipped together, enjoyed encouraging teaching, and were each blessed with a small gift.

An evening of soul-care

Your prayers and financial support are making a difference.¡Muchas gracias!

Equipping Pastors
$5600 of $10,700 raised!
All that One Life does in San Quintin is in partnership with local pastors. Because many of these leaders receive no denominational support, the training opportunities we provide enrich their service to their church and community. This year many of our events have been canceled, and we have not been able to distribute much-needed resources, due to a lack of funds.Supporting pastors through One Life is a significant way you can make a lasting impact in the Valley.
Learn more here and share this need.

Providing training for pastors is close to our hearts

School Supplies for San Quintin
$3200 of $5000 raised!
You’ve given to support 70 kids in their return to school next week! We’d love to send 30 more. Help us reach our goal of filling all 100 backpacks by Friday. A gift of $50 will make school possible for one child this year.
Learn more here and share this need.

Thank you for your partnership with One Life!

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