Ninety Nine

Tonight my daughter, Dakota, drove to young adults. I had her text me when she arrived and do the same when she left. Getting her text that she was coming home, I opened the garage door and turned on all the lights so she would have a straight shot into the garage. While I waited, I constantly peeked through the blinds waiting for her arrival. I even stood in the garage as she pulled in….

I can’t imagine how much the Lord does in anticipation of our arrival as He waits….

Luke 15:20

“So he got up and went to his father….But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him.

This Easter, the resurrection service at Los Olivos had over 450 people to celebrate our Lord’s victory over death. Nine people were baptized and the event spread over the weekend. It coincided with the Pastoral ministerial and was a reunion of families and friends as Isaias and Anna hosted at Los Olivos.



This week Isaias and Anna drove a team, with one of our 15 passenger vans, to a Biblical seminar put on by a group in Camalu. Continue to pray for the church in Santa Fe and the amazing work God is doing in that community! God is working through His church in Santa Fe and we look forward to all He will do through it. A picture can be found on our Facebook page

Deanna continues to serve through outreach to single moms and children without means. Every Tuesday she works with Anna to bring food and the Word to a needy community just outside of the Los Olivos base. Please pray for this ministry and ongoing support. More information can be found at:

Two years ago, we thought it would take buildings and structure to bring ministry to the indigenous church around our base, but it is happening as we build. Infrastructure will help in many ways, but the Lord is using this outreach to support the local church in ways we never dreamed. Who knows what the Lord will do once we have the programs and buildings in place.

I get so excited about this kinda of stuff! Working with a community of local churches, every week is different and many are touched by the efforts of so many. The Lord has purpose and what a privilege to serve.

So…”Rejoice with me! (Luke 15:6)”

The Lord is doing a good work through those serving abroad and supporting from home.

Last week, I had a breakfast with some trusted friends and we talked about missed opportunities. In that conversation, it circled around what if stuff…praise the Lord for Matthew 6:11 as anything else would be too much.

The Lord is concerned about the ninety nine, but He searches for the one who is lost. May this work always support the churches that reach out to the prodigal and lost! Praise God for answered prayer!!


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