Only Jesus

I am overwhelmed by the love of Jesus. Forgiven and free He changed my life. All John 8:32 and Keith Green stuff.

We live in challenging times…

I had an interesting discussion with Neil, Darcy and Brenda at the One Life office at Chilliwack Baptist Church this month. The recent increases in the cost of basic needs within Mexico will change the economic situations of many. Significant increases in fuel, propane and hydro costs are yet another blow to an already indentured people, which will manifest into more poverty and need. Yes, protests happened…but protests only last so long as every family must eventually return to somehow providing for themselves. We all need to get back to work, and that is the problem. Change is difficult when you are tied to a lifestyle that can only provide a lateral move.

Yes…the need is greater than ever! Single moms will be the hardest hit. Next will be children who would otherwise be at school, that now need to work in the fields. My children are now older, but I can’t imagine that for them. It breaks my heart, because it robs a childhood of all the things we treasure for those we would give everything for.

Remember the family from the garbage dump?

More and more I’m seeing that it will take only Jesus to bridge the gap of who has food and who doesn’t. Pray and pray more. Things are changing and I feel a responsibility to share. Only Jesus. My family, my neighbor and anyone that has need must be looked after. Mexico is suffering, but what about those in Syria and anyone abroad. What about our neighbor that we live beside and never talk to, but share a common border? We live in interesting times when texting, messaging and personally connecting with someone is so wrapped up in our smart phone. I want more. I think we all want more.

Brenda and I just spent the last few days on the road sharing with a church and a Christian school. In those conversations, the heart of each meeting was all about purpose. One Life has endless things to consider, and when I hear the hearts of these teams, past decades of children and families come to mind and how we have a responsibility to complete what we started. Yet, it takes all of us…and what this ministry needs most is people with a heart to do something radically different, committed to change.

It’s all about relationship and being just a piece of Jesus. One moment, one act of kindness, one change of heart ripples through so many hearts and lives. It changes generations. A thought is such a powerful thing, because it leads to action and I have seen that in so many teams and lives that have passed through our doors. The LORD sees you and knows your heart. He understands your ways and remembers the ways you helped those who needed you at a time that was perfect in their need.

It takes a whole community.

Only Jesus

Rob & Brenda Wall
Founders of OLOCM


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