By Rob & Brenda Wall

This is who we are…

We all have all touched His Cloak at some point in our lives. This is also our hope in the message of Zachariah 3:4  You don’t think you are worthy of serving, but neither is anyone on this team.

I remember the first time Brenda was broken to her knees. There was a young mother who was rescued out of the fields with so many children. I remember eleven, who knows, but it was a lot for a mother of twenty-five. Abandoned by a husband but rescued by a Brother. A Pastora we worked with called to help a Mom that was sleeping on an old van seat in a building that had so many holes in it. The wind whistled through the cracks as she was nursing her new-born. When Brenda entered the building all she saw was the emptiness in the mother’s eyes…there was nothing left. We helped, and gave what we could, but it changed our reality and it brought into perspective the need when we don’t feel worthy of serving. Responsibility.

Liberated, this bondage is not ours but a commitment to help. Especially when it was paid for…in advance.

I only speak for myself, but I love Deuteronomy 30 Its all about blessings or curses…and that will be our life. When was the last time we were broken for someone else? You don’t have to be cured or enlightened to serve, but maybe this is your time? Faith.

It’s all about the abandoned van seat and the lives that revolve around humanity in its most desperate places. Left or right makes all the difference.

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