Loving Is So Worth It

“I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.” Jeremiah 31:3.

There was a continual theme throughout the whole summer that I found myself constantly musing over; loving is so worth it.

I had asked God to use me—to show me where I could be His love. He sent me to Mexico for one month to serve alongside One Life One Chance Ministries. Before leaving, I had prepped myself for a plethora of things; sweat, dirt, and heat to name a few. But what I was totally taken off guard by was the overwhelming power of love. Yes, love. Kinda didn’t see that one coming. How could I be so overtaken by such a simple concept as love? Yet I was.

In Mexico, all barriers were taken down; distractions were stripped away. And all that remained was the truth of Jesus’ love. The kind of love that heals and gives hope. Day after day Jesus kept showing me the countless ways he was at work in Mexico.

Proof that his love is coursing through the veins of Mexico is evident in a thousand ways. Through the transformation of a person’s life, the only explanation can be the love of Jesus. When a family comes up from brokenness and despair into peace, Jesus’ love is manifested. Children with pain beyond their years could laugh freely and without fear. The presence of God’s love is breathtaking. He is in everything.

I was blown away by how powerful God’s love is. And what is also incredible is God wants us spread His love to everyone. If we let ourselves be available for God to use, saying yes to His invitation to serve Him, He will use us in ways that we cannot even imagine. Being able to be the hands and feet of God’s love is such an incredible gift.

Please continue to pray for OLOCM. Pray not only with your words, but also with your hands and feet. Pray for strong leaders. Continue to pray for the work being done in Mexico; the House of Refuge (house parents!), and the indigenous pastors as they continue to gather together and uplift one another in God’s love. Please pray for the staff here in Canada, that they will continue to seek God in all that they do.

-Paige Janzen, 2015 Volunteer Summer Staff


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