The Time is Now

By Grant W. Saip
Executive Director

Although it seems like we’ve just headed into the new year, at OLOCM we are busy scheduling and planning details for a full summer season of team activity. It will be upon us before we know it. And, we can’t wait to host you and your team!

We believe that our mission is to literally “transform” communities. And for that transformation to be sustainable, it has to happen from within. That’s why we work with churches, pastors and the families of the communities in San Quintin to enable lasting change. Having teams from partner churches, schools, and organizations in Canada and the USA, helps connect us with the local people and deepens a true community-to-community relationship.









As you know, many of our partner churches in Canada have a rich and deep-rooted history with One Life One Chance in the San Quintin Valley. Some of the pioneering church partners of this Ministry have been sending representatives from their congregation down the Baja for well over ten years! Their footprint is embedded all over the Valley and is evident by the lasting impact of positive change initiated in many communities. Their handprints are stamped in the cement pads and on the walls of projects they’ve physically built; their love poured into the lives of the people through the relationships formed with pastors, families and the churches.







That impact continues, as over a dozen teams from Canada will descend on the San Quintin Valley again this summer, leaving behind new homes for needy families, but more importantly, displaying “community” through genuine love, as Paul describes in Romans 12:9-16 (The Message). One Life One Community…a community that is without shame, where everyone is valued and needed, where everyone is loved; a community that serves; a community united, living in harmony…One Kingdom.







And, just like our house builds, where we pour a concrete pad foundation in advance of the team’s work, we need to pave a solid foundation which ensures our operations on the ground are solid, structured, stable and sustained. That’s what the “I Love San Quintin” program does. We desire to expand and grow our ministry and outreach programs, to see Arturo and Heather Molina build a team of advocates in Mexico who are pouring themselves into the pastors, and growing the local Church. God is on the move in the San Quintin Valley, and opportunities abound.

You can be a foundational part of that movement! Please prayerfully consider helping us move the Ministry forward through a monthly pledge to the “I Love San Quintin” program. We’re grateful for your support!

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