When It Rains

It happens so very few times, but when it rains here in San Quintin, it rains. The wind howls, the trees bend, the sky turns dark, and the streets flood. Though the ground is so thirsty for water and we know that in the long run this rain is a blessing, for many people in […]


Sometimes God really opens the floodgates. The last half of November was one of those times, in a good way. So much was accomplished, so many new connections were made, and so much of our ministry moved forward that it’s hard to believe it all occurred in two weeks. Progress on the House of Refuge […]

Update On Isaac

Thank you so very much for your prayers for Isaac. Although the doctors are not giving the family much hope that he will survive, we know that our God is so much bigger than this situation. The family asked us to send a huge thank you to all that have been praying. They can feel […]

Something So Holy About It All

What a couple weeks we have had! So much is happening in our ministry lives and our personal lives, and until now I finally have the chance to sit down and share about it all. God has been so good and I am so thankful. We’d like to share about a new project started here in […]

Standing in the Gap

How do we say thank you? As construction moves forward on the House of Refuge at our base in Mexico, we feel a huge sense of gratitude to the hundreds of people who have come alongside this project and One Life. From the many words of encouragement, the financial support, the prayer, and the help […]

All of our Story

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and was involved in our fifth annual Celebration Night! For the past 5 years now we have come together to celebrate the things God has done, the ways He has provided, the things He is pulling us into and the people He has put alongside us. […]

My Hope

Borrowing the words of Billy Graham, “there is an urgency & hope.” (Full Version). “My hope is not centered in this world. My hope is centered in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ!” One of the Mexican Pastor couples we work with humbles me to the core. The husband works all day in the […]


I don’t want to be alone… Sometimes I feel like I’m running a race that I cannot win. Or at least a race that never ends. It’s been an amazing year watching God work through One Life, with so many victories, so many answers to prayer, so many stories of hope and life renewed. But […]

Thank You!

I’ve been home for a week. Most amazing summer…ever! God has opened so many doors and changed many lives… Including mine…again! I have no words to explain the depth or level to which relationships are growing with the families, churches, and community around the base – including the teams from Canada that have served with us. So […]


Today, I was driving down California’s Interstate 5 when a very ordinary family car passed me. I was in the slow lane and on my left was a small 4 door hatchback with a towel across the passenger seat, shielding a young child in a car seat. Nothing unusual…but in the drivers seat was a young mother […]