Eternity – Tim Rivers

As I sit here at the base in Mexico, I find myself thinking a lot about suffering and abuse. I have the usual questions about why God allows such inequity in the world, and where He is in all the suffering. And while I don’t come close to having all the answers I seek, I do know that I serve a perfect, sovereign God. A God who sees suffering, hates abuse, and is coming to rescue the oppressed.

I just need to trust. I can still be confused, I can still feel anguish for the oppressed, God calls me to that, but I can still trust. God is God.

So eventually, gently, God leads me to eternity. And He leads me to the cross. Suffering and everlasting peace. A saviour who understands suffering and injustice. A saviour who’s been there. An eternity that won’t just alleviate suffering, it will wipe it away and replace it with unending joy. And I come to realize that the real tragedy of pain and suffering is found in an eternity not spent in the presence of God.

Now I see more clearly the work we are called to do. To rescue the oppressed, to help them heal, and to lead them to a Father who will make all the hurt go away, some now, some later. We just need to do our part, because when God says he’s coming to rescue, sometimes he sends us. We just have to go, and we have to trust.

In the months ahead you will be hearing a lot more about the exciting new work we are starting here, as we have begun construction on Casa de Refugio (House of Refuge), a facility to bring rescue and healing to abused children and adolescents. The task before One Life is monumental. To rescue the oppressed and the abused, to bring healing to the hurting, and to bring all whom God has given us into a relationship with Jesus Christ. I am so grateful that God has promised to go before us, to walk with us, and to be out rear guard. One Life One Chance is going to need an army. God is going to need an army. Will you stand with us? Will you stand in the gap?

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