My Hope

Borrowing the words of Billy Graham, “there is an urgency & hope.” (Full Version).

“My hope is not centered in this world. My hope is centered in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ!”

One of the Mexican Pastor couples we work with humbles me to the core. The husband works all day in the field for about $12 per day (and that’s a good wage). In the evening, he takes off his dirty clothes and cleans up from some of the hardest work you can imagine. He has no shower like you or I, but only a wash-basin at the edge of his yard. Grabbing his guitar that is missing 2 of the 6 strings, a few vegetables, and some small treats he can’t afford…he joyfully walks out of his house, with his wife, to minister to those who have so much less than you or me. The homes they visit are made up of nothing more than a few strands of plastic and a little cardboard. Quite similar to what they just left.

In Mexico, almost all of the Pastors don’t get paid for their evening work. Yet, they freely give to their neighbors through basic needs, council, and encouragement. Because, Christ is the center of their hope! Everything is not their own…even when they have nothing.

I have spent a lot of time with this couple and when they pray I shake! Because their prayer reaches so much deeper than anything I can ever know. It breaks me every-time, and I leave each experience humbled. Because, in my Canadian wealth, I have so many 1st world problems that keep me from the heart and core of what God truly wants for our lives.

…I’m learning that more is less and less is more

In November, we had the amazing privilege of dedicating the prayer room at Los Olivos to the Lord. Many thanks to the efforts of those who worked so hard to complete the building! Pastora Victoriana prayed the dedication prayer and I, amongst others, were broken by her words. It was an opportunity to give back to the Lord what He had so freely given.

But what was most amazing…was the continued unity and friendship between the Pastors. We spoke about:

1)    The first Christian Education facility in the San Quintin Valley

2)    A shelter for distressed children

3)    Evangelism through the unity of the church! Despite denomination, ethnicity, or financial position.

4)     A total & complete focus on the Lord…through our time, finances, and priority.

Being back in San Quintin last week, the above was affirmed over and over again. Praise the Lord for how He is already using this work for His purpose!

I spoke about the Pastor above, because he is just like you and I. We all have the potential for more whether we did countless years at Bible school or work day after day at a job that creates the income to have an evening off. God calls all of us. The restless feeling we all have, may be nothing more than God prompting you for more.

…I dare say we have a responsibility

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